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Testimonials from attorneys at Nixon Peabody: 

Jeff Lesk, partner in DC office:

“Stacey developed and has managed the Nixon Peabody pro bono program for our 13 offices with dedication, efficiency and passion. Stacey understands law firm structure, policies, goals and objectives. This has helped tremendously in her administration of NP’s pro bono program with sensitivity- balancing the needs and objectives of individual attorneys, offices, practice groups and firm management. The strong foundation she has built includes not just maximizing attorney engagement, but also addressing engagement protocols, tracking and communication systems, risk management and integration of pro bono into the firm’s attorney development program. Stacey has also encouraged and facilitated pro bono partnerships with firm clients and other organizations. Her enthusiasm is infectious and her people skills are impressive.”

Dan Hurteau, partner in Albany office:

“Stacey brings instant credibility and gravitas to any firm that might have the wisdom to hire her to help them with pro bono services. A consummate professional that works seamlessly with teams of people, looking to reach each person at whatever level of commitment they want to give, and then showing them how to reach for more. Stacey is plainly, the real deal.”

Matt Richards, partner in SF office:

“Stacey’s dedication to pro bono advocacy has been an inspiration to me. The void she leaves behind as she starts her consulting practice is, quite literally, too big for any single person to fill. It is an honor to have been her partner, and to be a small part of the amazing pro bono work she has challenged the firm to undertake. I cannot recommend her to you highly enough, and do so without reservation.”

Associates testimonials: 



“Stacey has always inspired me to do pro bono work, which has been incredibly rewarding and enriching.  Pro bono work helped me develop important skills early in my career by allowing me to take more responsibility over cases than I had for other clients, and I was able to work on very interesting constitutional and civil rights cases while also working on other billable matters.  The pro bono work that I have done has also been some of the most satisfying because the clients that I have come to know have been great people with valid and significant claims.  Without pro bono representation, they would not have had access to justice.”

First year associate:

“In the foster care adoption proceeding, I got to do research, interview clients and witnesses, talk to experts, appear at pretrial hearings and negotiate with opposing counsel…Handling all aspects of trial preparation was an invaluable experience.”

Second year associate:

“All of my experiences with pro bono have helped make me comfortable with unpredictability. I’m able to take that into my practice as a way to be more sensitive to potentially unforeseen developments, to be more flexible.”

Mid-level associate:

“I’ve been able to do this incredibly rewarding work, and it creates a good image for our office and helps me grow my own skill set early on. My advice to future first-years would be: Take pro bono opportunities as a chance to shine and to grow your relationships with partners and associates. At the end of the day, being able to go to trial in federal court is something that is so relevant to my practice. It’s invaluable.”

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