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During the consultation phase, which is free of charge, we will discuss with the law firm or in house legal department what we can offer.


For approximately three months, we will review the firm’s or legal department's existing procedures, statistics, projects and specific areas of expertise. We will also review existing pro bono policies and related documents needed for the pro bono program to move to the next phase. We will circulate a customized pro bono survey and speak with attorneys to discuss their desired areas of practice. Mindful of the firm's or legal department's needs, interests and budget, we will make recommendations for how the pro bono program can be improved.


We will work with individuals at the firm or legal department to grow or develop the pro bono program. Based on the stated needs and priorities, potential services could include:

  • Draft and/or revise existing pro bono guidelines, and other pro bono-related documents.

  • Work with a firm/legal department pro bono liaison to establish a strong and active Pro Bono Committee and oversee the committee meetings.

  • Establish risk management processes.

  • Set up pro bono tracking mechanisms.

  • Have office hours and/or go door-to-door to match current pro bono opportunities to the lawyers.

  • Connect the firm/legal department with our vast network of legal service providers and establish one or more pro bono projects. 

  • Organize one or more pro bono training sessions.

  • Work with the firm or company’s marketing professionals to internally recognize pro bono successes and with the PR team to externally promote the pro bono program.

  • Develop a pro bono awards program.

  • Work with the pro bono team of the firm/legal department to get lawyers appropriate pro bono matters needed to develop select skills.

  • Organize a pro bono lunch or fair.

  • Form a strategic pro bono partnership with a paying client or, in the case of in house departments, with a law firm.

  • Create a signature project for a practice group or office.


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